Managed IT Service

Key Services Offered by RaghuvarTech

RaghuvarTech, as a managed IT services provider, leverages its expertise and computing resources to assist businesses in effectively managing their IT environments. By assuming responsibility for the entire spectrum of managed IT services, we alleviate the management burden for our clients. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate our specialists into our clients’ in-house IT teams to enhance management processes and implement relevant methodologies.

Software management

Enhancing Performance, Security, and User Adoption while Augmenting Functional Capabilities for Enhanced User Experience.

Infrastructure management

By verifying the precise operation, integrity, and resilience of IT infrastructure components and nodes, we secure the stability and protection of business processes.

Our managed IT services in action​

  • Evaluation: We conduct thorough assessments of the software and infrastructure to be managed.

  • Scope: Collaboratively with the customer, we define the scope, duration, and budget of the engagement.

  • Team selection: We carefully select professionals with the requisite qualifications.

  • SLA: We formalize the terms of cooperation between RaghuvarTech and the customer through a signed SLA.

  • Process: We deliver on-demand or ongoing services as outlined in the SLA.

Delegate your software and infrastructure management to a team of professionals