Unlocking Customer Relationship Potential

RaghuvarTech offers comprehensive CRM services aimed at enhancing and automating customer relationship management within your company. Our services encompass consulting, implementation of suitable platforms or custom CRM development, integration with business software, migration to improved environments, and other targeted actions. We excel in delivering robust CRMs or optimizing existing solutions through configuration, customization, migration, integration, and ongoing maintenance.

Embark on your CRM journey with RaghuvarTech’s advisory assistance, guiding you through software implementation, adoption, and resolving emerging business challenges and technical issues. Our services include:

  • Solution selection
  • Custom CRM development advisory
  • Implementation consulting
  • Modernization advisory
  • Migration assistance
  • Health audit and assistance with issue resolution

RaghuvarTech’s team specializes in end-to-end implementation of the CRM platform of your choice, ensuring seamless integration into your business infrastructure and delivering expected value. Our services include:

  • Deployment to the selected environment
  • CRM configuration and customization
  • Data migration
  • Integration with business software and third-party tools
  • User training and support

When off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet your needs, RaghuvarTech can build custom CRM software with features, modules, and workflows tailored to your unique business needs and processes. Our services include:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Project’s tech stack and timeline definition
  • Solution design and architecture creation
  • Database design and development
  • CRM implementation in the target environment
  • Integration through APIs or custom solutions
  • Testing and user acceptance
  • Knowledge transfer

RaghuvarTech connects your CRM with essential business software from your IT infrastructure, including ERP, marketing automation, accounting management tools, and social media platforms, ensuring seamless data exchange. This integration provides a 360-degree view of customer activity, improves data accuracy, and streamlines manual workflows. Our services include:

  • Integration planning and strategy creation
  • API configuration or custom development
  • Workflow and process integration
  • Data synchronization setup
  • Exception management and error handling
  • Optimization of integration’s performance

Full range of our CRM services

Key CRM benefits

Implementation of a suitable CRM system promises companies a range of improvements and benefits.


Organized customer data

When integrated with business software from various departments, CRM serves as a centralized hub for all existing and potential customer data, breaking down information silos. This provides sales, marketing, and customer service teams with easy access to comprehensive data.

Automated manual tasks

CRM automates time-consuming administrative tasks prone to human error, such as data entry, sales quotes, report generation, and initial and follow-up communication. By handling repetitive tasks, CRM allows employees to focus on high-impact activities.

Increased profits

Implementing a robust customer relationship management software enhances lead conversions across sales, marketing, ecommerce, and customer service activities. This results in significant improvements to the company’s bottom line.

Improved customer retention

CRM enables companies to access disparate customer data and track customer journeys and interactions closely. With these insights, businesses can personalize interactions and customize products or services to meet existing needs, nurturing longer-lasting customer relationships.

Facilitated collaboration across teams

CRM acts as a centralized source of truth for customer-facing departments, simplifying data sharing and task coordination between separate teams. This fosters better teamwork and increases efficiency across the organization.

Accelerate decision-making

Access to comprehensive and up-to-date customer-related data empowers CRM-owning companies to make consistent operational and strategic decisions aligned with their established business goals.

Improve customer engagement with an effective CRM platform