Maintenance and Support

RaghuvarTech: Your Comprehensive IT Support Partner

RaghuvarTech specializes in maintaining the operational integrity, flexibility, and security of enterprise IT infrastructures, helping businesses optimize their total cost of ownership. Our team of skilled engineers offers IT support services for software across various scales and types, encompassing both internal corporate systems and customer-facing applications. From comprehensive pre-support audits to round-the-clock software upkeep and transformative redesign, we ensure that your software solutions remain resilient and efficient.

Comprehensive Multi-Tier Software Support Solutions

RaghuvarTech’s Tiered Support Packages Deliver Efficient Solutions Across L1, L2, and L3 Technical Support Tiers.

First-line support

Our Technicians Address User-Side Issues and Minor Glitches in Your Application, Preventing Escalation into Service-Disrupting Problems. We Analyze User Information and Resolve Issues Without Delving Into the Code, Ensuring Smooth Functionality.


Our Expert Troubleshooting Team Investigates Issues Stemming from System Deficiencies, Detects and Fixes Bugs, and Performs Performance-Critical Configurations, Installations, and Updates to Ensure Smooth Operation.

Advanced support

RaghuvarTech’s Expert Architects and Engineers Tackle Unprecedented Challenges by Delving Into Source Code, Remedying Disruptions, Optimizing Back-End Functionality, and Introducing Innovative Features.

Comprehensive Software Maintenance Solutions

Choose a Strategy Tailored to Address the Specific Needs and Shortcomings of Your IT Ecosystem, Enabling Sustainable Growth for Your Digital Enterprise.

When Your Software Environment Evolves, Our Team Adjusts Applications and Tools to Ensure Stability and Optimal Usability in Altered Conditions.

Our Team Augments Your Solution to Boost Performance and Extend Operational Life. We Integrate Transformative Features and Address Performance-Stalling Issues to Ensure Continuous Improvement.

RaghuvarTech’s Expert Engineers Detect and Address Bugs and Glitches to Optimize Software Operation and Enhance User Experience. We Offer Scheduled Corrective Repairs or Emergency Measures for Immediate Resolution.

RaghuvarTech Re-Engineers Your Solution to Ensure Fault-Resistance and Long-Term Viability. We Enhance Existing Operational Characteristics, Embed Relevant Features, and Remove Obsolete Ones for Optimal Performance.

Tailored Service Delivery Models

Select the Software Support and Maintenance Service Level That Aligns with Your Project Needs and Business Environment.

Managed support

Ensure the Health and Stability of Your Software Ecosystem with RaghuvarTech’s 24/7 Dedicated Support Team. Benefit from Scheduled Maintenance Activities and Prompt Hot Fixes of Any Complexity, All for a Fixed Rate.

Pay-as-you-go support

Access Professional Support Technicians, Engineers, or Consultants for a Specified Period, Paying Only for Consumed Resources. Enhance Your In-House Maintenance Team with Flexible Support from RaghuvarTech.

Emergency support

Contact Our Support Team for Unexpected Software Problems or Security Compromises. Benefit from Fast Team Setup and Our Extensive Expertise in Handling Security Incidents and Critical Outages.

Discover the difference our support team can make for your business environment